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Individual, Couple

and Family Therapy

Office visits in our Saint Louis office in the Central West End neighborhood and online sessions via tele-health offered

A.P. Carmichael, MEd, MFT, PLMFT

Relationships are part of what makes us human.  We thrive when connected with others.  I am passionate about helping people create and maintain healthy and loving relationships.  I work with couples, families, and individuals and have strong experience working with LGBTQ clients.  I make it a priority to create a safe space for all of my clients.  It is through this atmosphere of acceptance that we can work together to create true change and growth.

I work with clients who are going through a crisis as well as those who are simply looking to strengthen their relationships.  I have extensive experience working with gay couples, polyamory systems, transgender adult as well as transgender youths and their families.  However you identify, I am here to support you and help you create and maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.

I’m am Gottman trained and experienced applying these skills to couples who are going through a relationship crisis (infidelity, sexless marriage etc).  I have a master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University in Philadelphia and second master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Saint Louis University. I am
a PhD candidate in Human Sexuality Research with a focus on the barriers to medical care for transgender people.

I offer traditional in-person and telehealth appointments. My office is located in the Central West End neighborhood of Saint Louis, very close to Barnes Jewish Hospital. My office has parking available. 


Individuals get therapy for myriad reasons. Some have experienced trauma, grief or heartache. Some people just want to stop feeling stuck. 


I do sessions with  partners who are married, living together, considering future commitments, or just dating. I work with people who are considering separation or are already separated but wish to resolve their issues to be better co-parents or friends. 


I have experience working with families going through crisis as well as families who are just feeling stuck. I have extensive experience with sexual minorities and gender creative youths and their families.  

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